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Committed to delivering the highest standard of care and clinical excellence.

CorporateHealth.fit is a healthcare company committed to delivering the highest standard of care and clinical excellence to organisations and businesses. We provide Corporate Wellness Programmes ranging from wellness health assessments, in-house private general practice consultations, occupational health assessments, mental health and nutrition consultations. Our integrated healthcare and multi-disciplinary team approach ensure we incorporate and address the potential health issues and burdens affecting employees and business organisations.

Incorporating wellness programmes have shown to reduce employee stress, sickness days and improve work performance and both employee and employer well-being.

The sickness cost to the UK economy:

It is reported that 1.3million people suffer from work-related ill health each year and according to the Thriving at Work Review, this costs employers between £33-42 Billion per annum. Creating a working environment which allows employees to flourish and achieve their potential benefits both the employees and the organisation. Measurable benefits include improved productivity, a stronger competitive advantage, lower absenteeism and presenteeism, as well as higher staff morale which means fewer people leaving the organisation.

Addressing the burden of mental health and emotional well-being, cardiovascular health, nutrition and fitness play an integral part in employee health and well-being. At CorporateHealth.fit our experienced healthcare team are available to provide a bespoke medical service to best suit your employees and organisational needs.