Within today’s highly pressured, competitive and fast paced corporate environment staying well physically, mentally and emotionally on a personal level as well as remaining productive and engaged on a professional level is a challenge.

Mindfulness training offers accessible and practical tools in the face of such challenge.

Investing in Mindfulness based Emotional Intelligence Training has multiple benefits for individuals and organisations:



Benefits to employees

  • Improved Well-being and Resilience, Reduced Stress
  • Enhanced ability to think creatively and innovatively
  • Increased ability to focus and pay attention without distraction

Benefits to Organisations

  • Increased Productivity & Performance
  • Increased Employee Engagement
  • Reduced Staff Turnover & Improved Retention

Dr Reena Kotecha
Medical Doctor, Organisational Consultant, TEDx & International Public Speaker

Dr Reena Kotecha is a medical doctor who trained at Imperial College London, where she specialised in neuroscience and mental wellbeing research. She now applies her expertise to deliver individual and organisational effectiveness solutions in high performance work settings.

Reena spent the early part of her medical career within the National Health Service. Alongside this she trained in the therapeutic use of Mindfulness Meditation at the British Mindfulness Institute. She expanded her practice to focus on evidence-based approaches that enhance staff health and wellbeing on a personal level as well as productivity, performance and engagement on a professional level. Dr Kotecha subsequently began working in corporate education and organisation consulting capacities, using teachings, learnings and insights from the fields of Medicine, Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence to deliver workshops and courses across global organisations in both the private and public sector. To date She has delivered talks, workshops and courses across the following sectors; Healthcare, Computing & Technology, Construction & Manufacturing, Education, Management Consulting, Financial, Legal and The Armed Forces. 

Dr Kotecha will have an initial consultation with you to understand the needs of your employees and the overall organisation. She will then tailor a secular mindfulness based emotional intelligence programme to align with your employee wellbeing strategy and professional development goals.

The in-person training can be delivered through a combination of one-hour introductory keynote sessions, half-day or full-day workshops, or longer 4-8 week group courses.