Nutrition plays an integral role in Wellness. Ensuring a good diet, adequate hydration and reduced alcohol and caffeine intake has shown to improve an individual’s personal well-being.

Addressing dietary habits, exploring functional medicine (Gastrointestinal medicine) and the gut-brain axis can improve symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome and improve energy levels, mental well-being, work performance and stress recovery.

At, Symone Genovezos is our Lead Nutritionist.

Symone Genovezos
Registered Nutritionist

BSc Nutrition and Dietetics, ADAPT Trained Practitioner from Kresser Institute, Functional Medicine and ancestral training

Symone is an accomplished Registered Dietitian with 15 years’ experience within the private and public sector. She specialising in bespoke dietary treatment for a range of conditions including diabetes and blood sugar disorders, cardiovascular disease, thyroid health, irritable bowel syndrome and sustainable weight loss solutions.

Supported by a committed focus on gut health and the role of the microbiome in the prevention and management of chronic conditions, the foundational cornerstone of Symone’s practice is a compassionate, holistic and user-friendly methodology which gives clients the requisite self- confidence to make sustainable improvements to their everyday and long-term health.

Symone works on the philosophy that food and health is universal, yet what works for any one of us can be unique to every one of us. She is truly passionate about supporting individuals in navigating their relationship with food and their journey towards optimal health. Her broad client base includes high profile celebrities and disadvantaged clients alike, and in goes spanning the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

“Health is the physical and mental relationship we have with ourselves, and food as a source of nutrition as well as pleasure is a vital part of it” – Symone

Symone is registered with the British Dietetic Association and the HCPC.

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