Employment Medicals

Employment Medicals are useful assessments for ensuring the health and welfare of the organisation’s employees. The benefit of these medicals for a company can reduce sick leave days as well as assess and ensure the suitability in relation to health and fitness of employees for their role and to meet the demands and risks associated with the job role. These medicals are legal requirements for many sectors such as construction, security and transport services. Alongside these sectors, small and large investment and corporate firms have observed the benefits and necessity of these medicals for their employees. 

At CorporateHealth.fit, our bespoke service is tailored to your specific need and requirements. These medicals prove valuable for both employees and companies and can provide peace of mind with regard to personal physical and mental well-being.

For further information please contact our administrative team and we can discuss your specific requirements and book an appointment with our medical team.


Executive & Corporate Medicals

Executive and Corporate Medicals are an excellent opportunity for companies to provide their employees with health screening assessment and address any issues which may impact their personal and professional well-being. These Medicals are a great platform to assess and address any physical and psychological problems which may negatively impact the employee’s personal and/or professional work life.

Corporate Wellness Medicals include:

+   Comprehensive doctor consultation
+   Full medical examination
+   Blood pressure and heart assessment
+   Height, weight and BMI measurement
+   Resting electrocardiogram
+   Lung function test
+   Comprehensive blood test analysis
+   Urine culture screen and analysis
+   Testicular and prostate check (For Men)
+   Cervical Smear test with HPV testing (For Women)

These Medicals are a perfect way to assess a patient’s current health status, presenting symptoms and address specific concerns. The outcomes will be discussed with patients with our doctors who will provide medical recommendations and a full comprehensive report. Overall, these medicals can provide peace of mind regarding a person’s health, thus allowing people to focus more on the other important aspects of your life. If further specialist investigations or referrals are required our doctors will discuss these options with you and our administrative team will be able to assist you in arranging an onward specialist referral booking.

These medicals take approximately 90-120 minutes and are undertaken on weekdays but can also be arranged for Saturdays at an external practice if this is a more time convenient. Please discuss this with our team and arrangements can be made to assist you.

Most insurance companies will cover these medicals under their premium indemnities – Please seek advice from your insurance providers prior to requesting these medicals.